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                A distributed control algorithm for area search by a multi-robot team

                发布日期:2016-11-27   来源:剑桥大学   浏览次数:15259
                【摘   要】:A distributed control algorithm for area search by a multi-robot team Ahmad Baranzadeh(a1)andAndrey V. Savkin(a1)


                A distributed control algorithm for area search by a multi-robot team


                In this paper, we present a novel algorithm for exploring an unknown environment using a team of mobile robots. The suggested algorithm is a grid-based search method that utilizes a triangular pattern which covers an area so that exploring the whole area is guaranteed. The proposed algorithm consists of two stages. In the first stage, all the members of the team make a common triangular grid of which they are located on the vertices. In the second stage, they start exploring the area by moving between vertices of the grid. Furthermore, it is assumed that the communication range of the robots is limited, and the algorithm is based on the information of the nearest neighbours of the robots. Moreover, we apply a new mapping method employed by robots during the search operation. A mathematically rigorous proof of convergence with probability 1 of the algorithm is given. Moreover, our algorithm is implemented and simulated using a simulator of the real robots and environment and also tested via experiments with Adept Pioneer 3DX wheeled mobile robots.


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