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Thick Water: Why are they important?

Are you curious as to the contents of those bottles containing thickened water. Sometimes called medicine-like liquid, that looks similar to medicine? Here is your chance for answers. The thickened water is designed to assist those generally older with swallowing difficulties by reducing the risk of aspiration.

Dysphagia, also known as dysphagia, affects approximately fifteen million American adults each year. In this article, we’ll look at what thick water is used for and its various benefits – as well as why Berkey water can transform into thick water so easily!

What Is Thick Water?

Thick water was specifically created for those suffering from dysphagia. The consistency may resemble honey or nectar, depending on how much thickener is used. However, you can drink it for recreational purposes as well. Its taste won’t compare to normal drinking water, so its main use would likely be for medical use.

On two different approaches to getting nectar-thick water. The first option is purchasing pre-thickened water from most pharmacies and drug stores; alternatively, we suggest filtering your home water to remove over 200 contaminants before thickening agents are added for an even thicker solution.

Utilizing a Berkey filter and water-thickening gels or powders, you can ensure all the advantages associated with pure drinking water are preserved, such as its bioavailability and flavour. In addition, drinking this water ensures its safety for people suffering from dysphagia.

What Are The Uses Of Thick Water?

As previously discussed, thick water is an effective treatment option for dysphagia sufferers. Thicker liquid allows more control over how much fluid enters your mouth before swallowing, making swallowing safer by decreasing water flow into airway channels of your body instead of down the wrong pipe and into your lungs. Where trapped liquid could potentially lead to serious illness and cause further complications. For this reason alone, steady flow must always remain an integral component of treatment plans for dysphagia sufferers.

Senior care facilities, hospitals, and medical centres are among the primary locations where you will find water available in abundance.

Reasons Why People Should Drink More Water

There may be several causes for people’s difficulties swallowing. A serious accident, for instance, could damage a cranial nerve which controls swallowing muscles – leaving their abilities impaired and swallowing impaired. Another potential culprit could be cancer; head and throat cancer treatments have long been known to wreak havoc with eating and swallowing abilities, potentially creating difficulties as much as the cancer itself itself can.

Once a tumour grows large enough to interfere with swallowing ability, surgery must be undertaken to have it surgically removed. Cutting the nerve responsible for swallowing may result in permanent impairment of ability.

Dysphagia can also be caused by dry mouth. Ozone-depleting drugs, Cox-2 inhibitors, ACE inhibitors for high blood pressure, calcium channel blockers, diuretics, anti-inflammatory drugs. Sleeping medications and antidepressants like Metformin can all contribute to dry mouth symptoms and increased water consumption, both of which require large volumes of fluid intake.

Dysphagia can occur as an effect of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or multiple sclerosis disease; spinal brain injuries and dementia are also potentially responsible for its manifestation.

Problems swallowing are more of an issue than many realize, according to Dr. David Francis of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. Swallowing issues could force someone to spend longer hospital stays that cost more and increase the likelihood that someone could pass away there.

Does Thick Water Help Even If I Don’t Suffer From Dysphagia?

Thickeners are tools used to increase viscosity and quality in Thick liquids such as water, orange juice or apple juice. While thickened beverages don’t pose any health risks, their flavour may change slightly. Occasionally, thickened water can even enhance meal experiences!

Thickener can change the flavour and texture of water. Berkey water’s clear and crisp water texture won’t be replicated here due to being “chunky”. Thickened water contains additives that do not hinder its beneficial effects; rather, they serve specific purposes beyond drinking.

What is the best place to purchase Thick Water?

Thick water can be purchased at all major drugstores and pharmacies such as CVS, Walmart and more.

Thick water
Thick water

How to Produce Thick Water at Home

Making water thick on your own is the healthiest solution, although thickeners such as gels or powders contain chemical additives.

Organic products often call for thickeners with additional nutritional benefits, like arrowroot, aloe vera, cassava flour and sweet potato starch, as well as marshmallow herbs or diatomaceous Earth to thicken them properly.

Simply, the technique that firms employ when producing pre-thickened water for sale must be utilized.

Selecting your thickening agent of choice from this comprehensive list should be your initial step in thickening agent selection.

Step two is mixing the thickening agent into the water; Berkey water is an ideal choice.

Third step to identify and record the proportion of thickener to water. Keep in mind that there are various thickness gradients available, and each will meet specific needs.

If you want to change the flavour of water, adding lemon or lime juice may help ease its dense consistency and help alter its aroma. Some individuals find this approach particularly effective.


Thicker water can help those suffering from dysphagia – a condition which causes difficulties swallowing liquids – who struggle with swallowing Thick liquids such as water. By adding thickeners, thickened water becomes digestible and easily consumed by those living with dysphagia.

There is an assortment of pre-thickened waters available, and you can purchase various brands at pharmacies and drug stores like CVS, Walgreens, Walmart and Target, as well as integrated drug stores.

If you are having difficulty swallowing, consult your physician or nurse regarding medical thickening products to prevent aspiration. Alternatively, creating your own thickened drinking water at home using the Berkey filter and commercial or natural thickeners is another viable option.

Thickeners such as cassava flour, arrowroot extract and xanthan gum can all serve to enhance the taste of Thick water. However, using thickeners may change it depending on how your taste buds respond to viscosity changes.

Your best bet? Create thick water at home using the brand new Berkey Water filter made by Conscious Water now!



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