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IshowSpeed: Bio, Height, Girlfriend Name & Net Worth

IshowSpeed is a well-known American YouTube channel led by its director, Darren Watkins. He is known for livestreaming video games to over 6 million people on his channel and making videos demonstrating him playing various games and sharing personal details.

He has amassed an enormous following on YouTube and regularly uploads videos featuring games and personal details about himself and his life. We will explore his net worth, the height and age of his girlfriend’s real name, and other details – so read on!


According to various websites, he never showed his parents nor his mother any photos or films of himself during his lifetime. Hishi’s mother is their family’s primary caretaker, and his father works part-time locally.

Let me begin by telling you there are two younger brothers. Unfortunately, their names remain unknown at present. He is an ethnically mixed-race American national who practices Christianity as his faith.

Early Life

Darren Watkins was born in Ohio, United States of America, on the 21st of January 2005. He spent all his growing-up years there, where he quickly took to YouTube and video gaming as a means of expression from an early age.

He Watkins is currently in his 2nd year of high school. Instead of attending college as planned, Darren has concentrated on growing his YouTube channel. With all the learning involved in college courses taking up much time and attention, this entrepreneur decided to take a break by working on growing YouTube channels to increase reach.


Darren was in his second grade of high school at this time. He asserts that it wasn’t wise for him to attend college before making YouTube his primary focus; alternative options might include vocational school or sports-oriented institutions – however, YouTube changed everything for him, becoming his future focus.

Personal Life

Like any teenager, IshowSpeed struggled to convince his parents of the significance of his work. Her response was perplexed when he announced he had reached 100,000 subscribers via YouTube; she seemed bewildered at his achievement.

Recently, he uploaded an online video in which he confessed his wife was cheating with someone else and revealed his heartache over this news – particularly given their strong friendship and shared experiences together. His Ohio girlfriend was also being supported during this challenging period.

Did Speed Find His Girl?

According to Otakukart, Ermony Renee and IShowSpeed are currently in a relationship. After IShowSpeed announced this news via his live stream. They went public with their relationship in 2021 – being featured several times as part of Ermony Renee’s TikToker channel.


His friend suggested creating a YouTube channel, prompting a massive pandemic and giving rise to YouTube accounts being created all around him. Darren began his journey into digital in April 2020 when he launched a YouTube account. Before becoming famous on YouTube, he worked at a nursing home serving meals to older people. However, upon making this switch, he focused on growing YouTube instead and made a significant effort to become well-known there.

Due to his unique content, Darren quickly rose to prominence within a few years. Most of his videos used games like NBA2K21 and NBA2k20 as inspiration. Darren also contacted followers on social media to ask them for suggestions regarding streaming options.

IShowSpeed (Darren Watkins Jr.)

Darren gets ideas from his followers and is encouraged to create more videos in the coming days. However, one YouTube channel features authentic music videos; his success lies exclusively with this channel and its growing following.

IShowSpeed’s Real Name

IShowSpeed, one of the world’s most famous YouTube celebrities and internet personalities, has captured millions of hearts around the globe with his captivating persona online. But behind all that fame and admiration stands Darren Watkins Jr – his real identity being well known by those around the globe who know who he is.

IShowSpeed’s Height & Weight

IShowSpeed stands 5-9 inches and weighs 60kg.

Net Worth

By 2023, IshowSpeed’s net worth will likely range between $16 million and $14 million. YouTube serves as his main revenue stream; since starting this year, he’s made good returns through YouTube.

Before, he needed to make consistent revenue through his channels, even though they received 20 million monthly views. And average monthly earnings, as estimated by SocialBlade, were approximately $350,000 annually.

Where is IShowSpeed from?

IShowSpeed was first developed as an application in Cincinnati, an Ohio city along the Ohio River. Over-the-Rhine district is known for its 19th-century buildings and Findlay Market, which hosts food and crafts vendors.


IShowSpeed (Darren Watkins Jr.) has made his mark online as an influential YouTube celebrity and internet sensation, growing from avid gamer to online stardom in short order. With an ever-expanding fan base, success behind him, and genuine care for each follower who calls upon his services for entertainment. IShowSpeed’s impactful online presence cannot be denied.



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